Rupee-Cash is a BEP-20 token pegged to the rupee

High Liquidity

Rupee-Cash holders can rest assured that they will always get their money back due to the high liquidity of Rupee-Cash.


Rupee-Cash is borderless allowing easy cross border settlements in local currency.

Blockchain enabled token

Rupee-Cash is a transparent token where the supply is transparently maintained using BSC blockchain technology.

Instant Settlement for Merchants

Instant (few-seconds) Settlement for customers, merchants - without multi-hops like in Visa / MasterCard.


A token operating on the BSC network

Collaterized by a basket of cryptocurrencies such BTC, ETH, etc

With transparent reserves

Supported by MetaMask and similar dApps

Why Rupee-Cash?

Rupee-Cash is the only highly liquid rupee pegged token in the market which has blockchain-enabled accounting and settlement systems for maximum transparency. Also, the wide range of payment options that could be used to buy Rupee-Cash with high success rate offered at low fees make it an easy choice for merchants and users to transact using Rupee-Cash.